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Attorneys, law firms, and general counsel rely on Optimum Investigations LLC’s legal investigation services to get facts quickly and efficiently relating to corporate litigation, high stakes litigation, or white-collar fraud. In addition to gathering facts relevant to the issues at hand, we can find a person or witnesses, conduct an asset investigation, identify information to gain leverage in negotiations, vet expert witnesses, conduct witness interviews or help you connect the dots.

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Our investigative and support specialties extend into a broad range of concentrations, such as background profiles and pre-employment screening, complete due diligence and asset searches, investigative consultations, and a host of other general investigative matters. Additionally, Optimum Investigations LLC can provide document retrieval services.
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Our investigative services meet a range of needs for legal professionals. We can provide you with an asset investigation to ascertain the existence or value of any assets owned by a subject in any number of legal matters, including, but not limited to personal injury matters, family law matters, and bankruptcy. If you are handling a sensitive legal matter that requires reliable witnesses, then we can provide you with a background investigation to uncover any potential problems with the case at hand.

Criminal Background Record Check

On a regular basis, our private detectives conduct personal background investigations for our clients.

We offer Personal criminal background record verification checks to our clients, whether they engage in litigation or just want to learn more about Employment history verification checks.

We offer one of the most affordable and efficient background screening services available. Where allowed, we have accessibility to criminal history searches across the world.

So, regardless of who your candidate is or what job you’re marketing, we’ll provide you the piece of assurance that comes with a comprehensive full criminal history record check. We welcoming you to avail of our services at any time.

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